Body-Centered Hypnosis for Birth


Would you like to enjoy your pregnancy
and feel confident about your upcoming birth?
Getting the right support 
makes all the difference!

  Amy Meister-Stetson combines her background as a childbirth educator with her knowledge of trauma-informed care
and specialized hypnotherapy techniques to create a unique and highly supportive form of care.
This customized method of hypnosis for childbirth is tailored to each individual based on their personal history, circumstances and goals.
Body-Centered Hypnosis for Birth is equally beneficial for those planning a medicated or unmedicated birth,
sugical or vaginal birth, hospital, birth center or home birth.
Amy can help you acquire the tools to attain YOUR best birth, whatever path it takes! 
Here's what one happy mama had to say about her experience...
“My first birth felt long, hard, scary, and even a little traumatic.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to process my experience with a professional.  I asked around, looking for counselors, birth classes, hypnobirthing, etc, and finally came across Amy Meister - Stetson.  It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  She took the time to really talk about my experience and followed it with a hypnotherapy session which was so calming and helpful.  
Not only is Amy compassionate, she has a ton of knowledge about birth and pregnancy.  It was the combination of her knowledge and compassion that make me feel confident, and relaxed moving into my next birth.  I also have some tangible tools to deal with pain, and she helped me to write out a birth plan, and to come up with language to talk about my fears and concerns with my birth attendants.”