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Trauma-Informed Model of Maternity Care

"When we examine routine maternity care from a trauma informed perspective it’s clear how the invasive and restrictive nature of many standard procedures can trigger a person, potentially causing intense fear, hostility, panic, and anxiety. A trauma-informed model would be a perfect foundation on which to build a high-quality maternity care system, and a vital step in addressing the emotional health and well-being of childbearing people around the world."
-Amy Meister-Stetson
Amy was trained in trauma-informed care by the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. She combines her training, knowledge as a childbirth educator, and passion for improving the current maternity care system to focus on her mission of educating and training students, birth professionals, as well as facility administrators, in the fundamentals of a trauma-informed model of maternity care. 
In addition to her private practice, Amy utilizes her training and passion for birth work by serving as the Trauma Care Coordinator for  In this capacity, she has created a resource entitled Trauma, Traumatic Birth and Recovery as well as a Toolkit for those seeking information and support.

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